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 Post subject: Thor: Ragnarok review
PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:56 am 
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This film is very entertaining. It is full of action and laughs with a few poignant scenes thrown in. It doesn’t take itself seriously, which is rather surprising considering the threat our hero faces and the destruction it causes; it being Thor’s long forgotten sister Hela.

Hela had been thrown into the dungeons by Odin for eons for becoming too ambitious. Odin had then switched his focus on Thor, raising him to be a good king. Odin’s death allows Hela to be released from her chains along with her ambition, which is to take the throne as the Queen of Death and take destruction to the nine realms.

Returning is Thor’s adopted mischievous brother Loki who faked his death in the last film The Dark World and sent Odin to earth (Midguard) to live out his days in a retirement home. Heimdall, who was sent into exile during Loki’s rule, regains communication with Thor and uses his all seeing powers to help Thor move their people off world before Hela destroys all.

Jeff Goldblum provides much of the comic relief as the ruler (known as the Grandmaster) of a planet that’s primary pastime seems to be arena style games pitting opponents against each other. Thor is forced to be in the arena, after having been abducted by the planet’s bounty hunter, and is pitted against a very powerful and familiar foe.

Good stuff, but I do wonder where was Sif?

And aint' it weird that Hela resembles Loki. Me thinks Thor is the adopted one.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:12 am 
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My biggest disappointment is the whole thing over Mjolnir. Now don't get me wrong, this is no spoiler - unless you've been in a coma that's prevented you from seeing every trailer for the film, you know Hela destroys Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.

There has been some debate over whether he would get it back. OK I guess this is a mild spoiler: not in this film. Whether he gets it back in Infinity War, well, that has led to endless debates, but it seems like the scuttlebutt is he may be using some kind of axe instead. This is odd, as even in all the Norse sagas, his hammer is kind of central to his identity.

Then the next question is: what about his powers? I mean, he still is strong and tough as an Asgardian even without it ... but remember the pivotal scene in the first Thor film is Odin taking away Mjolnir and saying "I take your power". Right: those are the exact words. But, in this film, you find out Odin lied. Thor can control thunder and lightning even without Mjolnir, he just needed it to focus. OK, fine, but ... then what was the whole point of taking it away in the first film?

Anyway, without Mjolnir, he still doesn't have a weapon that he can throw and always returns to him (I really like the Dark World scenes where it even crosses the universe to do so), and apparently he can't fly, so there's still some power missing.

There's are slight spoilers, even more than the above, so now I'll issue the true spoiler warning. **You have been warned**.

Thor ultimately realizes that the only way to stop Hela is to TRIGGER Ragnarok. This results in the destruction of Asgard and the remaining Asgardians fleeing to Earth. However, Ragnarok was supposed to be the downfall of the entire universe and the death of ALL the gods, including Thor. Whatever, they obviously weren't sticking to the myths and sagas.

Yeah, where was Sif. There were rumors there were going to be a romance between Thor and the Valkyrie, but it never happened. Of course, Jane Foster wasn't around, either.

In the final post-credits scene, it looks like the fleeing Asgardians run into Thanos' ship on the way to Earth. What happens next is not good. Loki actually asks Thor if he really thinks it's a good idea to bring him back to Earth again. Obviously not, because in the Infinity War trailer, you see Loki giving the Tesseract Infinity Stone back to Thanos, and Thor winds up on the windshield of the Guardians of the Galaxy after drifting in space.

I think we know what happens next: Loki betrays him - again.

It is weird that of all the MCU films, the Thor ones have some of the best comedic aspects. Chris Hemsworth can obviously do comedy, his character in the new Ghostbusters reboot is "him-bo" comedy gold. Certainly a lot of the promos have been comedic, including one where Thor goes to a hardware store to get a new hammer. :roll: It is a bit odd that a film about the end of the world probably has the most comedy of all three. What is great about Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster is ... well, to put it bluntly, they let Jeff Goldblum be Jeff Goldblum, and it's marvelous comedy.

There's a lot of funny buddy-banter between Thor and Hulk, that has also been in some of the trailers.

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