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 Post subject: DOSBox Games
PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:59 pm 
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The Incredible Machine Version 3.0, DOS 1994

I found a web based abandonware site which has old DOS games which can be played in a browser tab. What used to be a hair tearing experience involving floppies and CD disks, tweaking settings, has now become as easy as clicking a link. This is one of these links: ... 2/play-1n2

It's free. I've been playing it in a chromebook, it ought to play in any computer browser.

Help Newton Mouse cool off by turning on the fan.

Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 7.53.23 AM.png
Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 7.53.23 AM.png [ 103.52 KiB | Viewed 1255 times ]

That screen shot is a solution to the Very Hard Puzzle 19: Fandango from The Incredible Machine 2.

The names of these games are kind of confusing. There's the The Incredible Machine 3, The Even More Incredible Machine, and another one I haven't gotten to yet.

The one called The Incredible Machine 3 is also called The Incredible Machine 2, and appears to be the second in the series, released in 1994.

The Even More! Incredible Machine appears to be the Incredible Machine 1, which was released in 1993. It is a good game too. It's simpler and more easy to play. It's the one I would recommend for first beginners. This is the link to this game: ... h/play-2dh

Game play is puzzle solving. A part of a puzzle machine is loaded and locked, and the other needed parts to complete the machine are loaded to the right hand side in a inventory section. One selects a part and moves it to the playing field and installs it, and in some cases programs it too.

An egg timer need to be programmed with the amount of time. A laser outlet needs to be programmed with the color of laser light one will be aiming at it.

Mouse motors need to be programmed by swatting the cage top, bottom, or ends with something. That's what is known as forensic programming. Old TV's were programmed that way.

That's what it takes to get them running. Swatting the cage will get them running temporally, but to keep them running for more than just a little while, whatever one swats the cage with to get them running, leave it in contact with the cage. Kind of like hanging onto to an old TV's rabbit ears, as long as one was willing to stand there and hang onto the rabbit ears they worked pretty good. And one was able to swat that tuner again without getting up.

I like to drop a ball on the top of the cage and leave it there. But sometimes I need the ball to move on and do other things. When I have to use the ball after starting the cage with it I have to remember the mice will only run for a while and so whatever task that motor is doing needs to get completed quickly.

Monkey motors are started by attaching a string to them and pulling it. Once that string is pulled it uncovers some bananas and they try to get to them. Once the string has been pulled it doesn't matter if it is released, or continues to be pulled. Monkey motors are reliable, but they take up a lot of space.

Mouse cage motors, Monkey motors, and electric motors are reversed end for end to reverse their rotation. However if the motors are locked in place they can't be reversed, however one can use gears to achieve a rotation reversal.

All of the puzzles are solvable.

However some of them are very hard to solve, I've solved several which have taken one or two hours to solve.

The Incredible Machine 3, Hard Puzzle #22 is solvable, but my Chrome Book screen is so small it didn't quite have enough screen to place a pipe along the bottom where it needed to go, so on that computer it wasn't solvable. I tried it on a Windows computer with a larger screen and my solution worked.

I have eight more puzzles to solve. Then I guess I will have to move on to that third game I haven't gotten to yet. Or make my own puzzles. One can do that, these games have the development compiler included.

These games take a while to load, I have to wait two or three minuets.

One needs to be aware they are running in a DOS Box with a DOS mouse pointer. A DOS mouse is not the same as a Windows mouse. To enter the DOSBox just click in it with a Windows mouse, the Windows mouse pointer will disappear and the big DOS pointer which is already there will become active.

To exit the DOSBox mode, press escape, there will suddenly be two mouse pointers, a big DOS pointer which won't move, and a little Windows pointer which will move.

I'm able to leave the game open in a tab for days. When I want to do something else I just press escape and switch to, or open, new tabs, and or browser windows.

 Post subject: Re: DOSBox Games
PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:19 pm 
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I think it's weird that even in this fancy falutin' 3D graphics era, you can still find games that are essentially Rogue clones.

Like the original game, everything is represented with ASCII characters.


That's NetHack, which got its last update in 2015 (ver 3.6 ... ver 1.0 came out in 1987.)

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 Post subject: Re: DOSBox Games
PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:01 pm 
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There are a few VIC20 games around. They run in this little 22xWhatever screen off in a corner. You practically need a magnifier to play them.

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