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Re: New Blood

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ProfessorX » Sat Jan 04, 2020 1:23 pm wrote:
So then, Sam, you see impeachment as neither an "overzealous" action, nor an "extraneous effort," comparable to "cancel culture" (?)
Lol "cancel culture" is another rightwing chimera.

Stop calling the cops on us.

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Re: New Blood

Post by ProfessorX »

The reality about political independents? ... ependents/" onclick=";return false;

Nearly four-in-ten U.S. adults (38%) identify as politically independent, but most “lean” toward one of the two major parties. Only 7% of Americans overall don’t express a partisan leaning, while 13% lean toward the Republican Party and 17% lean toward the Democratic Party.

Independents who lean to one of the two parties are often much closer to partisans in their views than they are to independents who lean to the other party.

etc. etc. [snip][end]

What some people define as independents (i.e. "not leaners") are only around 7% of the population, and most of that 7% are that way because they are politically disengaged, apathetic, ignorant, etc.

Do I care what I say or do affects that 7%? I have gotta say, with all frank honesty, no, I do not give a shit.

I also agree with 538 here:

The Moderate Middle Is A Myth ... is-a-myth/" onclick=";return false;

I can't live my life worrying about what myths are going to do, or how they will react.
-- Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.
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Re: New Blood

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Around 80%, give or take the usual statistical error, don't want another war in the Middle East.

Spin THAT.

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