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Re: Health Update

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Re: Health Update

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RitaAnn wrote:
Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:16 pm
Hey everyone,
Just checking in to let you know all my surgeries are done! I had my hip replacement last Tuesday and am now at home recovering. The day after surgery was a little scary because my blood pressure kept dropping making it difficult to get out of bed. Plus, I had a condition called foot drop which means that nerve damage from surgery makes it impossible to lift the foot for walking. So I ended up staying an extra night.

The good news is my blood pressure stabalized enough for me to do some therapy and my foot returned to normal. I think the doctor was more excited with this than me :)

Anyway, after the healing my next plan is to get back in the work force but that won't happen until next year. So HELLO everyone! How is everyone else doing in this otherwise forsaken planet of ours?
RitaAnn I glad to see you're back and are making progress. I wish you well.

I'm doing OK ... . I would say I'm doing fine if I wasn't at the moment surrounded by COVID. But it hasn't got to me yet. :)

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Re: Health Update

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RitaAnn, I hope that you recover swiftly!!!
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Re: Health Update

Post by bird »

Hi RitaAnn!

Good to hear you are doing well!
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Re: Health Update

Post by ZoWie »

Hi RitaAnn! I'm pleased to see that your health is improving.

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Re: Health Update

Post by RitaAnn »

Thanks everyone! I'm having physical therapy at home and then will be going to outpatient in a couple of weeks. I see the doc for a follow up next week.

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