PROTEST IN DC...???? whut?

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PROTEST IN DC...???? whut?

Post by rainwater »

anyone talking about this?...any congress goofs watching this CLIMATE PROTEST??
which is happening around the globe BTW.
weakass groper is The Distraction again. ... 2&src=tren" onclick=";return false;

CBS News
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14m14 minutes ago

WATCH: Police arrested Jane Fonda on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building Friday. 15 other climate change activists were also arrested" onclick=";return false;
Who are these..flag-sucking halfwits fleeced fooled by stupid little rich kids, They speak
for all that is cruel stupid, They are racists hate mongers I piss down the throats of
these Nazis Im too old to worry whether they like it, Fuck them.

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Re: PROTEST IN DC...???? whut?

Post by ZoWie »

Sure, I'm following the climate actions pretty closely. If the only way to get the problem into the Nooz is civil disobedience, then the usual people will civilly disobey.

It's gotten pretty intense in Europe, the way these things tend to do.

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