If redistricting began today, Republicans would dominate: A

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If redistricting began today, Republicans would dominate: A

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If redistricting began today, Republicans would dominate: A state-by-state guide

Democrats made major gains in last November's elections, flipping several governors’ offices and state legislative chambers, at the same time that voters passed redistricting reform at the ballot box in four states. As a result, Republicans have a less dominant grip on redistricting than they did before, but the GOP would still hold a large advantage if new maps were to be drawn today, which makes the battle for reform as urgent as ever.

As shown in the map at the top of this post (click here for a larger version), Republicans would currently have unfettered power to draw almost 40% of all congressional districts nationwide, while Democrats would hold sway over just 10%. The remaining districts would be crafted by a mix of redistricting commissions (of varying degrees of political independence), legislative compromises, and the courts (in the event of any state government deadlocks). The picture is almost exactly the same at the legislative level, as shown on this map below.

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Re: If redistricting began today, Republicans would dominate

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