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Author:  ProfessorX [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  X-Files Season 11

Gillian Anderson says she's done. After this it's quits.

Season 11 starts Wednesday, Jan. 3rd. 10 episodes, I believe. Only a few will be "mythos" i.e. dealing with the personal arc of Mulder & Scully, rest will be standalones.

Last we saw, Mulder was dying, and Scully was bathed in light from the sky. So, are we back to the aliens being real or fake? Is CSM really Mulder's father? The truth is out there. :D Video from :

Author:  ProfessorX [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: X-Files Season 11

OK. I know it's the X-Files, but ... something weird is going on. :D

We're going to dive into what happens in the episode tonight ... so spoiler tag time.

First thing we hear is CSM's real name. "Carl Gerhardt Busch" I believe they said. This may not matter, as another Syndicate member pointed out "they have so many". The opening shows CSM faking the moon landing (or participating). Wha? Are we going there?

BTW: at the opening we see the words "I WANT TO BELIEVE" then some letters disappear so that it says "I WANT TO LIE" before it fades.

OK. The new season opens as if the ending to last season never happened. Mulder's fine. Scully's having some weird kind of brain trauma ... & visions. It seems what we saw happening at the end of last season, Scully was seeing as a precognitive vision. There is a plague. CSM just hasn't unleashed it yet. But he's going to. Apparently, Scully's son William has immunity, as does she. Apparently, William is the key, he has alien DNA ... and telepathic/precog abilities? Is William sending her these visions?

So it turns out CSM is looking for him ... and so is another Syndicate member, who gives no name, and also likes to smoke, apparently. Seems they want CSM killed before he can unleash his plot. BTW, they still are awaiting alien colonization. They're just not supporting his plan to wipe out the human race before it happens. They tell Mulder to kill CSM in order to stop him. This other Syndicate guy's agent tries to kill Scully, but fails when Mulder cuts his throat.

Final bombshell: I don't know. Has the show ever confirmed that CSM is Mulder's (bio) father? It's been hinted at. We know he is Jeffrey Spender's. He basically says they are both his sons, and oddly they both seem to know this. However, the last thing dropped by the show is that, unlike what we thought, Mulder is not William's father. CSM is. Or so he says. HE impregnated Scully. (It was artificial insemination involving alien DNA to make the boy a hybrid, but still.)

I can't help but think of what flashed in the opening credits.

Author:  ProfessorX [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: X-Files Season 11

Well, it looks like we are now in what would be considered non "mythos" episodes but ... 2nd episode:

Mulder and Scully discover Langly from the Lone Gunmen is still alive. Well, not exactly alive. He's trapped in a kind of Matrix simulation. They have essentially digitized his consciousness and trapped him in a simulated world. Weird plot twist: he opted for this fate, since they offered him and his girlfriend digital immortality, and they said yes. BTW, what they didn't tell him is they are using him and other digitized minds (they mention Steve Jobs is also there) to work on various mathematical and scientific problems for the Syndicate. Essentially, they are digital slaves. One other twist, which fits with the rest of the episode ... Mulder & Scully ask Skinner to see the X-Files, I guess they think they are still in file cabinets in their old FBI offices. Nope: they are now all digitized and online. Anyway, they mention this simulation is actually housed in an NSA building which was mentioned by Snowden.

Just searched for it ... appears to be a real building, and it was mentioned by Snowden.

Anyway they again run into "Erika Price" who again reminds Mulder he should instead be getting busy killing his dad, CGB Spender/CSM, and that in reality once again they are running this simulation because this is the only way humanity can survive the coming alien colonization.

Other things where they are clearly trying to tie in to current events. They encounter some Russian spooks who it turns out are working for the government as contractors. They are looking for Mulder's phone, because that's how "digital Langly" tried to contact him. Later on, when they meet Skinner, he notes that "the FBI and the rest of the gov't aren't getting along right now".

This I can post without spoilers - critics have noticed the "nouveau" X-Files are increasingly getting into this theme of the dangers of technology. I definitely see that theme pervading the new series.

Bravo. :D

Author:  ProfessorX [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: X-Files Season 11

Tonight's was as camp as "Jose Chung" ... and BTW, dunno, seemed better written than last week's.

"Lost Art of Forehead Sweat"

OK. So, there's a Twilight Zone episode Mulder can't remember, and a kind of Jell-O that Scully couldn't remember. The meta theme for the episode is the Mandela Effect. It's so named after this curious phenomenon where people remember an alternative history. It's so named because there are large people who claim they remember Mandela 'really' died in prison back earlier in history, when in fact, he died in 2013. Mulder & Scully meet a guy named Reggie who claims to have been working with them from the beginning and helped them start the X-Files. But, of course, they don't remember him. That's because, BTW, he's nuts, and simply has false memories of everything, including seeing an alien during the invasion of Grenada. He claims that there is a Dr. They who can erase peoples' memories, the only proof of which is a youtube video. They figure he's lying about this, but Mulder meets Dr. They - and he kind of hints he can't actually alter memory, but he does do disinformation to confuse truth and fiction. Anyway, the final part of the episode involves Reggie, Mulder, and Scully supposedly meeting an alien who rides up in a hoverboard, and he tells them he's putting a wall around the Earth, because Earthlings will bring rape and drugs to the rest of the universe. Some of us may be decent people. Yes, the final scene is an alien who quotes Trump's first campaign speech.

It was totally camp, but it sort of was making a serious point, I think, especially in that final scene.

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