Republicans Are Becoming More and More Violent

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Republicans Are Becoming More and More Violent

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Poll: Americans increasingly justifying political violence - Axios
About 1 in 3 Americans believe that "violence against the government can at times be justified," a year out from the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, a poll by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland out Saturday found.
Golly gee, Beev, I wonder which 1 in 3.
By the numbers: A majority of adults still say violence is never justified. But that number, 62%, is a new low, per the Post. Some 90% believed it was never justified in the 1990s.

• The new poll found that 40% of Republicans and 41% of independents said violence can be acceptable, compared with 23% of Democrats. Forty percent of white Americans said violence can be justified, compared with 18% of Black Americans.

• Flashback: The percentage of adults who said violence is justified was 23% in 2015 and 16% in 2010 in polls by CBS News and the New York Times respectively, according to the Post.

What they're saying: "People’s reasoning for what they considered acceptable violence against the government varied, from what they considered to be overreaching coronavirus restrictions, to the disenfranchisement of minority voters, to the oppression of Americans," the Post writes.

• "Responses to an open-ended question on the survey about hypothetical justifications included repeated mentions of 'autocracy,' 'tyranny,' 'corruption' and a loss of freedoms."
Protect yourselves from these violent, lethal conservative whites and their Republican minions and supporters. This is not the first time in American history they have done this, but it is the first time they've done this with the help of bots, trolls, and algorithmed media.

The way to right wrongs is to
Shine the light of truth on them.

~ Ida B. Wells
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