Students Recall Partying With Ron DeSantis While He Was Their High School Teacher - Ring of Fire

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Students Recall Partying With Ron DeSantis While He Was Their High School Teacher - Ring of Fire

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Students Recall Partying With Ron DeSantis While He Was Their High School Teacher - Ring of Fire

Ron DeSantis spent his early twenties as a high school teacher in Georgia, and according to some of his former students, he wasn't just visible during the school day. Former students have recounted stories to The New York Times about DeSantis, then 23, showing up at parties where the underage students would be drinking. Not only is that not appropriate for an adult, but it is wildly inexcusable for a teacher, yet here we are. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a name for himself nationally, of course, for going after those woke left teachers that are endangering our students here in the state of Florida, right? At least that's what he wants people to think that he's doing. In reality, of course, he's passing legislation to address things that don't actually exist. So he can create a problem, pretend to do something about it, and then the public's like, Well, great. Now we don't have to worry about that thing that we just learned about. That wasn't actually happening. But according to a deep dive by the New York Times, Ron DeSantis wasn't always all in about having to protect the children. At one point in his twenties, Ron DeSantis was all about partying with the children, according to multiple different former students at a high school where Ron DeSantis taught from the, uh, it was the 2001, 2002 school year.

So about 20 years ago when DeSantis was, uh, 23 years old, he was teaching high school history, but he wasn't just interacting with the students in the classroom. The former students say that it wasn't uncommon to see Ron DeSantis, their teacher show up at high school parties. For the students that were attending Darlington School in Georgia. Rhon, DeSantis, they say, would show up at the parties. So you got a bunch of underage high school kids, you know, somebody's parents go outta town, everybody goes over to that house. We all know how high school parties work. Somebody had the connection, brought all the beer, they're underage, they're drinking, and your teacher shows up. And rather than saying, Oh my God, students, stop this. What are you doing? Everybody get home. This is irresponsible. DeSantis would party with 'em according, again, to the students. And the worst part is about a year ago, the Hill Reporter actually tweeted out and put in an article, of course, a picture of a younger Ron DeSantis as a teacher with three high school girls, high school seniors that were drinking.

And that just kind of went by the wayside. Like, Oh my God, look, here's Ron DeSantis, who's of age hanging out with girls who were underage drinking while he was their teacher. And nobody thought anything of it. Like that story should have been bigger, but it wasn't. And now, I guess the New York Times finally decided, You know what, that picture thing, maybe we oughta look into that a little more. And they got the students to admit, Yeah, dude would come and party with us. It was awesome. We all knew it. And there it is. So while Ron DeSantis is out there telling us, we gotta protect children from these predators, maybe he's speaking from experience. Maybe he knows how dangerous it can be for high

School students when a slightly older gentleman shows up. I don't know. Don't know what else happened behind the scenes, But one thing we also know according to the students is that they also love to make fun of Ron DeSantis because they said he was such a bad teacher. He would teach them that slavery, the Civil War wasn't fault over race. It was fault over two different economic systems, which I guess is one way to put it, because one economic system wanted you to be able to buy other human beings. So I guess technically you could classify that as an economic system. But they, they did a video yearbook where they actually made fun of Ron DeSantis for absolutely bastardizing history and teaching them things that even the students at the time knew was incorrect.
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