Elections: Why the GOP destroys themselves.

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Elections: Why the GOP destroys themselves.

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The GOP has been following everything Trump has said for too long.

Trump, instead of accepting a legitimate loss, decides that early voting and mail voting is what's wrong.

Now, let's look at one of our members, Glenn, who we all know is a over-the-road trucker who is often gone. Today the GOP thinks that the ONLY way to vote is first, in person and second, on election day only. But Glenn might be on the road on election day, and truckers gotta be on the road to make money. They can't cut things short to come back home just to vote. This year, Glenn voted early.

As I had said in another forum, I worked election day. I was working at a school, and people coming in were having to park blocks away, as our parking lot was full all day, and precincts across the city had similar issues. Now, everyone could vote at any precinct in the county, but the problem was widespread. The traffic like like that and we had a long line at 7 PM. How many people just gave up?

It's also hard to find enough people to man the election. If we did what the GOP wants, and do away with early and mail voting, the problem would be far worse, as election officials wouldn't be able to handle the mass of people voting.

But to the GOP, Trump ideology is what's important, not logic. Pre-Trump, the GOP had worked hard to get their people to vote early and mail vote.

But now they campaign to end both. They are idiots.
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