F1: Newey out at Red Bull, Verstappen does NOT win Miami GP

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F1: Newey out at Red Bull, Verstappen does NOT win Miami GP

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F1 is getting more interesting than anyone expected it would. The most visible surprise is who didn't win the Miami Grand Prix last weekend. It was the supposedly uncatchable Max Verstappen. He finished second to Lando Norris, who drives for McLaren.

There's more to it than just that. The mighty Red Bull team, which was considered an invincible dynasty as recently as two months ago, seems to be coming apart at the seams. The head of the team managed to avoid discipline from the FIA, but the scandal around his treatment of a female employee keeps on producing gossipy headlines and general dirt. The employee, a capable engineer, has been essentially fired though technically she's on leave. She is making tabloid headlines pretty much weekly, concerning what a mess all this has made of her life and career. The boss, who is married to a Spice Girl, and whose last name is Horner, might be better described as Horny, if one believes all the gossip in the press.

More to the point, the legendary Adrian Newey has quit Red Bull in disgust over all this. He's the Albert Einstein of aerodynamics. He supposedly senses airflow around cars, hearing it in his head. He wrote the book on ground effect race car designs, literally. He churns equations, and pores over stacks of expensive wind tunnel data that is incomprehensible to mere mortals. He is so far ahead of anyone else in F1 that he is practically a magician, and what he does is something of a black art. For various reasons, if he signs with another team, as opposed to retiring and counting his money, Verstappen will likely follow him.

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