If conservative whites could get away with doing this here, they would

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If conservative whites could get away with doing this here, they would

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The only reason USA conservative whites hate whackodoodle Islam is because it's the competition.

They want what extremist Islamic rule has: including state control of women's dress, and murder of protesters against repressive government policies.

Against their totalitarianism, totalitarian gender-based rule, and forced conformity by the government = get murdered by the government.

Iran protests: Tehran court sentences first person to death over unrest - BBC
A court in Iran has issued the first death sentence to a person arrested for taking part in the protests that have engulfed the country, state media say.

A Revolutionary Court in Tehran found the defendant, who was not named, had set fire to a government facility and was guilty of "enmity against God".

Another court jailed five people for between five and 10 years on national security and public order charges.

A human rights group warned authorities might be planning "hasty executions".

At least 20 people are currently facing charges punishable by death, Norway-based Iran Human Rights said, citing official reports.

Its director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, called on the international community to take urgent action and "strongly warn the Islamic Republic of the consequences of executing protesters".
Not only are social conservatives violent, they're also petty.

All this because someone didn't wear the imposed dress code according to regulation.

The way to right wrongs is to
Shine the light of truth on them.

~ Ida B. Wells
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