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This photo comes from one of those click bait sites with "awkward photos", and I want to be clear - these are NOT my parents, but they sure remind me of them.


My mom didn't wear glasses, and I think she was prettier. But the guy is damned near a clone of my step-dad, and they both are clad exactly as my parents would have been in the seventies. Except my dad would have had a can of Coors in his hand.

Dad often wore a straw cowboy hat, and had those same self-tinting glasses. In later years, as his hair went white, he wore a Abe Lincoln-type beard with no mustache. At the time this photo would have been taken, he did have the BIG sideburns, but always had short hair, except on top. He had pattern baldness, except for a tuft in front in the middle, which he grew long and attempted to spread out over the baldness. :D

They loved to dance, and when they went to the country bars, they were the best on the floor, and people would stop dancing just to watch them. Something I didn't know before I was 18 and old enough to go with them. They were amazing. Not gymnastics stuff, but swing and jitterbug and such.

My parents both died in the nineties, and both deaths took me by surprise, even though my mother had been sick for a long time. You just can't fathom your parents not living forever, until they don't.


All my parents knew how to do was work, and both were at a loss without it, my mom because of her health, and my dad retiring with nothing to do, no hobbies. The only non-work thing they'd do is go out and dance on weekends.

The funny part was it would drive dad insane, as mom would literally spend HOURS getting ready to go out, in the bathroom. I don't think they ever got to the bar before 11. Luckily the clubs were open till 3 AM back in the day.

I do NOT suggest posting photos of your actual parents (it's your decision if you want to), but maybe we can talk about our parents and the such.
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Re: Memories!

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Dad was the only guy i know of that figured out how to put 8 working days in a week. According to him his plan was infallible for success. He didn't like it when i pointed out the flaw in his plan. He didn't set aside a day of rest. :)
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