Female musicians

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Female musicians

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I've always really like women singers. From Karen Carpenter to Adele to The Bangles to Stevie Nicks to Pink and on and on and on. And they often point out the uphill climb they face as they try to prosper in a biased industry.

But this is something I've thought about for a long time - when these women make it, they should do what men usually do - they should have all-women backup bands. And most don't.

I mean, look at Pink in concert. Sure, she's got her backup singers, all women. But most of her band is always men.

Now, I can see having both men and women dancers. But there sure as HELL are plenty of talented women musicians, and they should give the women a chance to work and prosper in the industry, too. I mean, Pink always moves around her male lead guitarist, who is admittedly quite good. But she should give women the chance. Even if every lead woman artist hired only women musicians, there would STILL be far more men employed in the industry.

I notice a week or two ago on Saturday Night Live they had the musical guests Boygenius, a group of three women. I didn't care for their music, but they had an all-female backup band.

That's what Taylor Swift should do. Sure, have male dancers along with the female dancers, but all the musicians on her tour should be female.

That would be the equivalent of Title 9 for women musical artists, where they would have a whole new, larger world of opportunity available to them.
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