F1: Scandals are currently more interesting than the racing

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F1: Scandals are currently more interesting than the racing

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Christian Horner is team manager of Red Bull, the team that won all but one race last year and may win them all this year. He's a "mature" gent, and married to a former Spice Girl. Even so, at the moment his sex life is more interesting to the Nooz than the racing. Of course, watching sand go through an hourglass is also more interesting than any racing we've seen so far this year.

The FIA investigated and found nothing. Of course, they are somewhat suspect, being involved in something of a scandal themselves. It regards alleged jiggering of race results by the leadership last year. Nothing is proven.

The leadership of F1 has always been, to put it mildly, a lot too rich and a little too self-infatuated. The current bunch tends to wear burnooses and own many many oil wells, which may be why there are so many races in emirates and sheikdoms. Even so, they beat the commercial rights owners, who are yet another right wing American media conglomerate, and not even one that many people have heard of. Faux they're not.

L'affaire Horny, oops I mean Horner, had died down after the FIA whitewashing, but then someone sent a carefully targeted e-mail to 147 bigwigs in the sport, with a link to some supposed Horner texts. The London tabloids quoted the texts, and they were pretty mild stuff. Maybe they got a bit close to the edge for a work situation, but they're not much. The tabs used adjectives like "shocking" and "sexually explicit," though the content they quoted was neither. Even out of context, they're still of the "you look good in that" variety.

As scandals go, these aren't much, though it's worth repeating that they're more interesting than the racing, which is nonexistent.
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