The Messaging Problem

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The Messaging Problem

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One of the main reasons president Biden’s approval numbers are at a 70 year low imo is messaging.

In the past primarily because of WWII people of every stripe lived and worked together. On my dad's ship there were men from Boston, New York along with rural Oklahoma and West Virginia.

So all those soldiers mixed with people they would have never had contact with. Even blue bloods like the Kennedy's and Bush' lived along side us " common folk".

So when it came time for political messaging they knew how to reach and relate to the masses.

Today not so much. I guarantee you the people doing Biden’s messaging have never met a guy like me. They have this elitist view of what common everyday people are like which they learned from other people who also never had contact with the masses.

It would be like if I were to try and do messaging that would reach people like ZoWie. Or vice versa to a lesser degree.

We are both decent guys but come from much different worlds.

Before any of you say Trump Trump Trump not that anyone here would but just in case. I came to this thought from an article I read by former Obama advisor David Axlerod. Who said and I paraphrase that Biden built a political career on empathy and apathy and needs to get back to messaging in that manner.
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