Pulled a Good Joke on My Friends Today

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Pulled a Good Joke on My Friends Today

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On Wednesdays, me and three of my friends get together to practice bowling. We bowl six games and during the game talk and exchange jokes. After the fifth game, I pulled this joke on one of the guys.

Me: Al, I have a question for you. Would you consider Dave, Felipe, and me to be sane?

Al: You mean sane or insane?

Me: Sane.

Al: Yes, the three of you are sane, why?

Me: Because science says that 1-in-4 persons is insane so I guess you know what that means.

It took about one second for everyone to crack up laughing.

BTW, Al thought that joke was funny.
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Re: Pulled a Good Joke on My Friends Today

Post by rainwater »

um, so i guess im the 'one' person sitting here eh.... :D

thats fine. if these trumpies consider themselves 'sane' then im good.
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