York County Sheriiff

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York County Sheriiff

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We had a Sheriff Bryant when he retired he used his political machine and influence to get his son in law Sheriff Toleson elected.

Tolleson recently got caught messing with the help and his wife filed for divorce. Nobody filed to run against him except his soon to be ex wife daughter of the former Sheriff. She filed 1 hour before the deadline.

( ZoWie I expect you to make this into a screen play)

The next day Sheriff Toleson announced he had received a job offer and was withdrawing from the race. Leaving only his soon to be ex wife daughter of the former Sheriff as the only candidate.

The republican party bent some rules and reopened the filing process. We wound up with 5 candidates. The soon to be exwife received 19pct and didn't qualify for the run off in two weeks.

In fact the two best candidates finished 1st and 2nd. So in the end it all worked out.

Just like on TV.
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