Grandson's football game and grades...

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Grandson's football game and grades...

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He couldnt play all season, he is a Junior in High School.

He is very good.

He had to get better grades and he did and now everyone is thrilled, but... I am not thrilled, two reasons

1. he may get another concussion, got one last year


2.even if I wanted him to play and I dont know if I do, these are the grades

English - C
Zoology - B+ (zoology in high school?)
Art - A
Weight Training - A (i.e. PE)
United States History - C
Math - C-

So really in the classes that matter, he has borderline grades and he is smart enough to do better.

I have not let on I am feeling this but everyone is so proud of him, and I am asking myself WHAT?


I am curious what he does in Art class to get an A...

[BBvideo 425,350][/BBvideo]

On my way to the game, we are gonna try a new Chinese food restaurant, new to us. Love Chinese food, Cantonese especially.

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