I Am Coming Clean About My Disabilities For Which Another Member of Ths Forum Has Attacked Me Several Times.

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I Am Coming Clean About My Disabilities For Which Another Member of Ths Forum Has Attacked Me Several Times.

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My Name Is Eric and I Have Disabilities. I've been attacked by a certain member for those disabilities for no other reason than to do so.

1. My Speech Impediment. I was born with a malformed soft palet. When my mouth and jaw were forming something went wrong. My soft palet was malformed and did not function properly. This malformation of the jaw was one of the reason my Wisdom teeth never really formed. They grew in under my gums were removed by surgery.

As for the stutter. I went years of speech therapy, from First Grade until my Junior Year in High School. One day my dentist noticed my palet was malformed. He spoke with my Father and Step Mother and reccomended an Oral Surgeon who specilized this kind of surgery. He also would remove the afformentioned Wisdom Teeth.

The recovery period was quite painful for me, three months of soft foods and milk shakes. But the surgery was a success. My stutter was but gone. I do stutter at times of stress and there are words I struggle to speak. I take the advice of dear friend and sing what I want to say. You cannot sing and stutter at the same that.

2. Monocular Vision (Vision In One Eye). One Bright and Sunny Day in April 1979 I went for a walk in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. I lived on Fell and Clayton Streets at time. So out I went. Enjoying the afternoon. I felt something hit my left eye. Apparently a peddle or small stone had flown under the rim of glasses and penetrated my left eye.

I called my Dad and Step Mother and they took me to Fort Miley V.A. Medical Center in S.F. I was admitted to the hospital and sent to Ophthamaolgy Ward. After several weeks of consutations and tests I was taken to my doctor's office and offered a chance for corrective but exprimental surgery. He and his team wanted to perform what was called an Anterior Segment Transplant. I agreed (being blind or thought being blind is a great motivater).

I was under the knife for 8-Hours. I had to be so sedated that I was given Sodium Pentohal. Great Dreams by the way. The surgery failed. For over 11-Months was in such pain (the left side of my face felt like it was falling off). There were days when I actually debated if I really wanted get out of bed and piss. Some days I did not. I wet the bed because it hurt so much to move.

My body rejected the transplant and the eye was enunicated (removed). I now have an artifical eye made of the material used to make canopies for fighter jets. Same color as my other eye. I still have pain from time to time and there days when I just keep my other eye closed because of that. There are also time when it seems like I am seeing with both eyes. I stop right then and there and close my eyes. Even moving is a hazard for me. There are also days when my good eyes just plain gets tired. That hurts as well, but I live with it.

3. Benign Paroxsmal Non-Positional Vertigo. Basically, things begin to spin and turn. It is caused by an injury to one's inner ear and severely effects your balance. When I feel such vertigo coming on, ringing in the ears and something akin a shimering light that seems appears around other people, like halo.

I have to sit still and stare straight ahead at a single fixed object. I also swallow two dramimine. The vertigo can so severe that I vomit and fall over. Getting up is akin to crawling like a baby and finding a table or chair to lean against as my wife helps me back in bed. Think spinning round and round and then trying to then trying walk and you will have a mild idea of what I am going through. After such an attack, I am not able to eat and I have to spend several days in bed recovering.

Because of my Monocular Vision and Vertigo, I do not drive. I do not trust myself behind the wheel of vehicle. I am blessed by living in a community that is a transfer point for Golden Gate Transit. My wife Gail does drive me from time to time, but I am able to get to appointments and movies on my own. Unlike the member who attacked me for being a shut in, I am quite able to move from place to place on my own.

Ridiculing or attacking a person because of certain disabilities is the behavior of a coward and a bully. I live within a clearly defined and sometimes limited life. But that life in and of itself does not and cannot define me as a persn. I do not see my self as disabled. No it is NOT easy. There are so many days with I am frustrated and angry.

But I have to deal with my life the best way I can. By putting one foot in front of the other moving on. I do not let my disabilites limit me. Just because I cannot or will not (out of safety sake for not just myself but others) do certain things does not stop me from having a life. Part of life is dealing with the hand you are given.

IF this cowardly forum member thinks he has in some small, insignificant and totally ridiculous way done injury to me, he is wrong. I've dealt with him all my life.

Bullies are Cowards and Liars who need to justify their petty life by picking on the defects and disablilities in order make the bullies tiny and unimportant life somehow better.

This tiny and insignificant bug of a human being needs someone or something as target for his empty and meaningless life.

Attacking people with disablilities does this for him.

He is an asshole, a bully and a coward.

I am not ashamed of what I am, and he cannot shame me or hurt me.

I see him for what he is. A small and very unimportant man with no ethics, morals or values.
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