Kellyanne Conway takes aim at Jared Kushner in new book

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Kellyanne Conway takes aim at Jared Kushner in new book

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Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reportedly criticized former President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner in her new book, calling him “shrewd and calculating” and saying he had an unchecked sense of power.

In her book “Here’s the Deal,” Conway referred to Kushner as “a man of knowing nods, quizzical looks, and sidebar inquiries” and said he knew that “no matter how disastrous a personnel change or legislative attempt may be, he was unlikely to be held accountable for it,” according to The Washington Post.


“There was no subject he considered beyond his expertise,” Conway reportedly writes, saying that if martians attacked he would have “happily added them to his ever-bulging portfolio.”

“He misread the Constitution in one crucial respect, thinking that all power not given to the federal government was reserved to him,” Conway adds.
Arent "shrewd and calculating" code forJew? I use the word here in the slur form to make the point.
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Re: Kellyanne Conway takes aim at Jared Kushner in new book

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They apparently have a feud that went back to the beginnings of his presidency. ... d-kushner/

Trump loves infighting. Goes back to his Apprentice days. He likes to promote conflict among his underlings, feeds it - he enjoys the drama, makes for great ratings in a reality TV show presidency.

Dunno. I can agree on these points: seemed to me that Trump handed him a role in the administration that was simultaneously vague (as he held no official position), and yet with a constantly expanding portfolio (Middle East peace, COVID) and I can agree with this - I am no anti-Semite, but just because Jared is a competent real estate developer (though that too can be debated), doesn't mean he really had experience to deal with all the things Trump put on his plate. But of course he had to offload all that stuff as he was too stupid to figure out much on his own. And the thing about Trump is he just has this thing where at least family that pretend to loyalty (so not Mary or Tiffany), are the ones that must be trusted and listened to.

Shrewd and calculating? Yeah, he was one of many in the admin interested in feathering their own nests uber alles, but that really was all of them, from Rick Perry to of course the man at the top.

Tells me all I need to know that Kellyanne has knives out for Jared, apparently he's the fall guy for everything that went wrong in the maladministration, nothing to do with her BS about nonexistent massacres and alternative facts, or of course all the foibles and flaws of the rotting head of the fish ... she also skewers her own husband ... so Kellyanne why haven't you found a divorce attorney yet? Look, it was well known that Ivanka and Jared were the more liberal/Dem leaning members of the admin ... "MAGA" never was that crazy about them and yes the POTUS letting his daughter marry a Jew had something to do with that ... none of this really shocks me at all.
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